Steward By The Sea

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Karsaan, Unzar island

Societal information


Mortals (humans, halflings, dwarves), few Fell (daemon)


Political information

Government type

Notable NPCs

Councilman Kai Grotsvortt
Wassarg Trade Guild Dagobert Sonnen
Priest Aledien Prav
Guard Captain Cecania Steuben


Located in the far northern Karsaan, overlooking Northmarches across the Wassarg Sea, Steward By The Sea is a small harbor town ruled by a council of merchants, nobles and ship captains. The town is located 80 miles east of Port Alewood between barren fields and jagged mountains.
The town suffers from frequent rain and snow. This, combined with the brick and stonework of the settlement's dwellings, have caused it to be known as a cold and dark place.

Recently, the dead have begun to wander out of the Sea and attack the living. Fishermen speak of horrid drowners caught in nets, townfolk are attacked by wandering zombies and sailors are stalked by prowling lacedons! The council is facing pressure, from trade guilds and the town's Ancestor Cult, and is desperate for help. The wisest men and women fear that an undead uprising is at hand.

Places of interest

Temple of the Ancestor Cult
This nameless 'temple' houses the priests of Pharasma who venerates and honors the spirits of the dead for the purpose of avoiding evil consequences and securing good fortune.

The Fiery Tower
The garrison and prison of the town is located in this tall fortress on the far eastern side of the town, overlooking Bluebarrel Port and the mouth of Redwyrm River. Captain Cecania Steuben of the town guard has her personal chambers on the top floor.

Bluebarrel Port and Tearful Harbor
The Bluebarrel Port is the main port of Steward by the Sea, where the largest merchant ships are docked and loaded. It lies on the eastern side of the town, in the mouth of Redwyrm River and are protected from the environments by the tall cliffs on the shores.
Tearful Harbor is on the northen side of town, and are primarily used by the locals for fishing vessels and ferries. It is also used by lesser important traders with smaller ships.

Steward By The Sea

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