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The Mortals, the Fae, the Fell

The Timeless, the Mortal Gods


An age of primitive creatures and strange beasts. Only the Mortals lives in the forests and caves of Arganorh.

1st Age

Time began long before the Fall of the Veil and the arrival of the Timeless, but the 1st Age signifies the beginning of modern and recorded history. The Fae and Fell races spread throughout the lands and the time of invention begins. Cities are build, kingdoms are founded, borders are drawn. Trade and commerce begin and the races start to mingle and learn from each other, affecting and borrowing from each other's cultures and languages.

2nd Age

The start and end of the Dark Ages is called the 2nd Age, and signifies a period of roughly 400 years of religious oppression and racial persecution. Culture and knowledge are burned in favor of warfare. Many mutant races are created and numerous kingdoms are laid to waste.

3rd Age

Some scholars believe that the decrease in hostility marks the end of the Dark Ages and the start of the 3rd. It is uncertain if the world will fall back into war and chaos, but for now, most are content with a tense peace.

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Lore and History

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