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One of the many mutant horrors of the Dark Ages is the Pig-Men or simply the Swine. Created as shock troops by the Gregatarians some 100 years ago, the Swinefolk were made by combining the flesh of humans with that of pigs. The mutants live in the tunnels and ruins of old Gregator, now known as the Warrens.

The Swine are vile, vicious and cruel creatures. There is no finer sport to them than the pursuit of screaming victims through the labyrinthine squalor of the Warrens. Although their bloodlust is insatiable, they are not overly fond of drawn out chases.

Due to their mutated and inbred nature, many kinds of Swine are know to exist. Surprisingly they seem to have some capacity to care for their offspring, no matter how small or disfigured it is. They posses an understanding of augmentation by armor and weapons, since they seem to be good at equipping their mutated kin with equipment to compliment their deformities.


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