The Houses of Mons Umbra

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The noble families of Mons Umbra goes back hundreds of years. The region is divided between many noble houses of various sizes. Ultimate power derives from the King in Stoneshield and descends through the Great Houses that rule the constituent regions to their vassals.

There are five Great Houses: House Umbra, House Fen, House Rasst, House Wylde and the First Spider. Each of them have a number of vassal houses (sometimes also referred to as lesser houses) in their liege. The most powerful vassal houses may themselves field armies of a few hundred and control large regions, while the smallest houses may be little more than impoverished landholders with only a few men to their name.

The phase spiders of the First Spider are a recent addition to the power balance of Mons Umbra. It has proven difficult to arrange legal rights to these strange beings, but the matter has been solved in a way to lessen rivalry and jealousy. The spiders are effectively a Great House, but are not in the line of succession for the throne.

House Umbra

Sigil three black scorpions on an orange field
Lord King Vesper Umbra
Seat Stoneshield
Vassals the remaining 4 Great Houses, Corbray, Egen, Lynderly, Hunter, Moore, Tollett, Waynwood

House Fen

Sigil green serpent on red and black striped field
Lord Darkmoor Fen
Seat Akar's Delve
Vassals Estermont, Morrigen, Musgood, Peasebury

House Rasst

Sigil black bear on a blue field
Lord Berring Rasst
Seat Gravegrove Keep
Vassals Ashblood, Harroway, Lothston, Mudd, Towers

House Wylde

Sigil red dragon over two crossed swords on a yellow field
Lord Allard Wylde
Seat Warne Tower
Vassals Blacktide, Botley, Drumm, Hoare

The First Spider

Sigil white spider on a black field
Lord the First Spider
Seat Webwyrd
Vassals White Claw, Black Fang, Chitin, Arachne

The Houses of Mons Umbra

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