The Fae

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Fae are creatures who found their way into  the Mortal Plane from when the Timeless pulled aside the Veil that separated their reality from the Mortals'. They are the result of the Timeless' time in Arganorh, walking and living with the Mortal races. 

Many are typified as having supernatural abilities and a connection to nature or to some other force or place. The language of the fae is called Sylvan.
The Fae were untouched by the Mortal Gods, and were as such unable to perform divine magic. They did, however, posses a strong arcane connection to what lies beyond the Veil.

The Fae has been at turmoil against the Mortals and the Fell ever since the beginning of time and the Veil. They have a strong rivalry with the Fell, who consider themselves the true children of the Timeless.

The mating of Fae and Mortals resulted in half-fae: a sterile race who never felt at home in the world.

They were ruled by noble eladrin, the so-called archfae.

Eladrin, gnomes, bugbears, dryads, catfolk

The Fae

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