The Fell

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Fell are the unfortunate consequences of the Timeless' fascination with the Mortals. These dark and twisted creatures spread in the shadows of Arganorh, corrupting and enslaving much in their path. The Fell have a strong affinity towards evil, although it is far from everyone who are.

Like the Fae, Fell are not in touch with the Mortal Gods, and are unable to perform divine magic. But they do posses the ability to feel the forces of arcana beyond the Veil.

The Fell has had problems with the Mortals and the Fae for as long as anyone can remember. Much animosity still exist between the Fell and the Fae, who both consider themselves the true children of the Timeless.

The union of Fell and Mortal produce half-fell: sterile creatures who are shunned by both sides as unpure.

Daemons, dark eladrin, goblins, trolls, hobgoblins

The Fell

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