The Mortals

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Mortals are the original inhabitants of Arganorh, the Mortal Plane. When the Timeless pulled aside the Veil and entered the world, they were fascinated by the Mortal races and began to live with them. Their time with the Mortals resulted in Fae and Fell, whom they have shared the world with for centuries.

Mortals are worshippers of the Mortal Gods. The Gods' powers are divine, and are given to the Mortals as thanks for their devotion. The Mortals however are not able to sense the force beyond the Veil, and are not able to cast arcane magic.

The Mortals can usually mate with both Fae and Fell, producing sterile offspring called half-fae and half-fell. These offspring are often shunned by one or both of the parents' worlds.

Humans, dwarves, halflings, giants

The Mortals

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