The Warrens

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An old system of aqueducts and tunnels built for unknown purpose, it is now a corpse-choked cesspit that houses the ravenous, disease-ridden beast-men known as the Swine, and all those deranged or monstrous enough to ally with them.

Around 100 years ago, while the Gregatarians were trying to create an army of mutant creatures, they used the ancient Warrens as a dumping ground for their failures and underwhelming results. But today, the Warrens are home to the descendants of those experiments, a warrior race of pig men whose only desire is to butcher and feed on any Mortal, Fae or Fell they can get their claws on.

The Warrens are located in the heart of Unzar island in Karsaan, and are roughly 5 days march north-east of Wyverngate on the road to Steward By The Sea.

The Warrens

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