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Karsaan, Benzar island

Societal information


Mortals (humans, halflings, dwarves), some Fae (eladrin, gnomes), few Fell (daemon, goblins)


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Notable NPCs

Count Rimgunn Oht


Knows as "the Jewel of Karsaan", Wyverngate is a bustling metropolis who have stood tall for centuries. The ruler of Wyverngate is Count Rimgunn Oht, a human nobleman. Other merchant nobles holds power in the city but they care little for the city itself, only themselves. Criminal organizations also wield some influence and it is unknown whether the mysterious Cult of the Dragon holds any temporal power there or not.

The city is split into 4 districts each separated from each other. Build centuries ago by eladrin stonemasons: The High Quarter is a tall and impressive mass of towers and keeps in the northern part of the city, overlooking the Wassarg Sea. It is where the noble and wealthy live their lives, ignoring the suffering of those below them. The Merchant Quarter is the middle part of the town, surrounding the High Quarters. It is where most commerce take place, and the living area for travelers. The Harbor Quarter covers the barrack and warehouses of Wyverngate's docks. The Low Quarter is the large area where the poor and lower people live. Crime is rampant in these parts.

Places of interest

Minas Lorci
The castle of Wyverngate. It is a large, impressive structure located in the High Quarters. It is the home of Count Rimgunn Oht, his family and their servants.

The Temple of Iomedae
The main church dedicated to Wyverngate's patron deity: Iomedae. It is located in the High Quarters and as such, is not accessible for the common people.

The Fae District
A filthy ghetto in the Low Quarters, the Fae District is home to the majority of Wyverngate's eladrin, who lives in poverty and repression.


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